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Author Casandra Charles

Today was a Good Day... Gratitude Journal

Today was a Good Day... Gratitude Journal

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Research shows that practicing gratitude fifteen minutes a day, five days a week, for at least six weeks can enhance mental wellness (reduce depression, lessen anxiety, relieve stress and improve sleep) as well as possibly promote a lasting change in perspective.

This 12-month, 365-day gratitude journal is an amazing way to truly empower and encourage you any time of the year to start the day with a positive thought and end the day with a grateful heart.

Make today a great day.

This journal includes:
Health Benefits of Practicing Gratitude
4 Ways to Practice Gratitude
30 Gratitude Starters
12 Months of Gratitude Goals & Notes
365 Days of Gratitude Notes
Gratitude Reflection Notes


I’ve been practicing having a gratitude mindset for over ten years now. It started with a vision board, then a gratitude jar, and now a gratitude journal.

This journal is a quick and easy way to highlight positive acts (blessings) throughout one’s day.

Make today a GREAT day.


• All designs are copyright of Author Casandra Charles
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• This journal is to help encourage, empower, and enhance mental wellness and possibly promote a lasting change in perspective.

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