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Author Casandra Charles

Self-Care Journal

Self-Care Journal

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A self-care journal is a safe place to track your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors related to taking care of yourself. Self-care journaling typically involves daily or regular writing prompts to encourage reflection on your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, as well as activities and practices that support physical, mental, and emotional health. The purpose of a self-care journal is to become more self-aware by identifying areas of life that may be causing stress or anxiety and developing strategies for coping with these challenges in a healthy and sustainable way.

This journal includes:
9 Benefits of a Self-Care Journal
Writing Prompts
Mood & Sleep Tracker
52 Morning & Night Thoughts
Reflection Notes


I love journaling and self-care is key so it just made sense for me to make a self-care journal. Journaling gives me a reason to set aside a small amount of time for myself every day. Keeping a journal can also help you keep track of the ways you are taking care of yourself and your needs daily.


• All designs are copyright of Author Casandra Charles
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• This journal is to help encourage, empower, and enhance mental wellness and possibly promote a lasting change in perspective.

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